Last competition: Relay, Bucharest Half-Marathon

Alongside Alexandru Corneschi and Sergiu Ciobanu, Marius Ionescu ran the relay event from Bucharest Half-Marathon, their team, GoldNutrition Romania finished on the first place, the clock stopped at the end at 1.03.52. All three members had to run almost equal distances, 7 kilometers each. Has been a good test, a […]

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Next competition: van Alphen 20k

Marius Ionescu will run in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, a small town with 108.000 people, at ”van Alphen 20k”, a 20 kilometers race. The start will take place on 5th March 2017. Marius won the 2015 race, in 61.27, and the 2016 race, with a personal and national […]

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Next competition: Baneasa Trail Run

On 11 of December, în Baneasa forest, near Bucharest, Marius Ionescu will run togheter with his teammates from SportGuru – BCR Racing Team, at his last competition of the season, Baneasa Trail Run. A relaxation race, where fun and the joy of running without an objective are the most important. […]

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Last competition: Balkan Cross-Country Championship

After he finished second at National Cross-Country Championship, Marius Ionescu ran the 10 kilometers Balkan Cross-Country Championship race, competition organized in Cuprija, Serbia. He finished in 32 minutes and 1 second, on 10th place. With Romanian team, Marius won the silver medal.

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Marius V. Ionescu