Last competition: Relay, Bucharest Half-Marathon

Alongside Alexandru Corneschi and Sergiu Ciobanu, Marius Ionescu ran the relay event from Bucharest Half-Marathon, their team, GoldNutrition Romania finished on the first place, the clock stopped at the end at 1.03.52. All three members had to run almost equal distances, 7 kilometers each. Has been a good test, a […]

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Next competition: SportGuru Timisoara 21k

Marius Ionescu will run on 26 March the first edition of halfmarathon SportGuru Timisoara 21k. Focused on a maraton where he has to run a time to qualifie for the World Championship, Marius will use Timisoara event as a test before the important 42,195 km race which will take place […]

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Last competition: van Alphen 20k

Marius Ionescu finished this year the windy Alphen aan den Rijn 20k race, Netherlands, on the third place, after he stop the clock at 64.11. Is it for the third time when Marius finishes in top 3, after the last two years when he won the race, 61.27 in 2015 […]

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Next competition: van Alphen 20k

Marius Ionescu will run in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, a small town with 108.000 people, at ”van Alphen 20k”, a 20 kilometers race. The start will take place on 5th March 2017. Marius won the 2015 race, in 61.27, and the 2016 race, with a personal and national […]

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Marius V. Ionescu